About TruePos

Here at TruePos we are experts in merchant services, holding a combined experience of over 50 years in the Payment Sector. Our concept is to simplify the process for the business owners to obtain a fully integrated EPOS solution combined with merchant services.From application to installation we provide hardware, software, acquiring, full staff training, technical support and customer service.

The payment industry is on a journey whereby it is moving from point solutions to integrated commerce platforms.

Merchants want payments to be seamless, integrated into their workflow and operate uniformly across different channels and regions, identifying a single consumer profile and with price transparency. Consumers want to pay in their preferred way, incur little or no friction, be protected and incur no cost.

Merchants want a smaller and smarter hardware footprint

The “smaller” hardware footprint is coming from the integration of the individual hardware components involved in payment acceptance – this is often called integrated point-of-sale or iPOS.

Due to an historical lack of integration, in-store merchants have accumulated an extensive hardware footprint; a common retail hardware footprint includes a PC with pre-packaged software, an infrared tag reader to scan items, a receipt printer, a standalone payment terminal with integrated printer to take card payments and a cash drawer, this actually has a negative impact, as it offers limited or no analytics to support a dynamic customer engagement and queuing or waiting for the bill is often perceived as a negative experience by the customer.


Merchants want payments and software integration

The “smarter” is coming from the integration of payment software and enterprise or business management software – this is often called integrated payments or iPayments. The trend here is towards open payment platforms which are able to connect to the merchant’s business software solutions, such as accounting, inventory and CRM.

Merchants want to follow their customers across channels

The integration of customer channels is often called multi-channel or omni-channel. Most merchants are product-focused and over the years they have added different channels to reach the consumer. Omni-channel strategies are turning this around and enable consumers to control their purchase experience across their channel of choice. This experience will include brick-and-mortar shops and a variety of digital channels including online, in-app and social networks or a combination such as click & collect.

If you need to smarten up your business, increase efficiency and create some ‘You Time’ call TruePos Payment Solutions.