TruePOS P1000

Integrated Smart POS

The E2 is ideal for fashion & hospitality merchants requiring a more cost efficient and space saving solution.

Data input by staff is easier on this large color touchscreen, while the opposite is a bright customer facing display and integrated payment acceptance module.

An inbuilt camera and router enable barcode & QR code scanning as well as a WiFi hotspot service, while the base unit houses a printer with automatic receipt cutter and multiple ports for connecting peripheral hardware.

All-in-One Integration.

Integrated payment module.

Exceptional Performance.

WiFi, Bluetooth, Ethernet, 4G + 3G + 2G (optional).

Super-fast printer, up to 150 mm/s.

Flexible power charging options.

Multiple port peripherals.

Can connect to any other terminal or PINpad.

Inbuilt optional high-performance router Accurate and efficient QR code payment.

Auto brightness adjustment for main cameras for 1D/2D code scanning